Frozen Chicken Feet / Chicken Paws

Chicken Paw AAA grade

Out yellow skin removed No bad smell No Amonia burns No black flaw No blood clots No bruise Almost no broken bones (max 2%) Weight: 30g+ Packing: 2x 7.5 kg box

Frozen Chicken Feets/ Paws

Freezing Type


Country of origin



A                or              A&B MIX

Average weight

Feet 35-55g, Paw: 30-45g


Polyblock and then in carton

Storage temp.

-18 C

Approved for

HK, Vietnam, EU Countries

Shelf life

12 months

Goods are packed in containers

Chicken Feet are frozen and packed in standardized 10 or 15 kg cartons according to your needs. Before shipment they are packed in containers without pallets to maximize the loading capacity.

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